Confirmation (6-8th graders)



The Make-Up Confirmation Retreat will take place on Wednesday, June 14th. A light supper will be provided for attendees!


As always, please continue to check the Acolyte and Communion Assistant schedule. If you lost the hard copy that was given out, you can download another digital copy from the Youth section of the Faith website! We have had an issue recently with youth not showing up for their designated service assignments. If you need to switch, please remember that it is your responsibility to find a substitute and let Nancy know in the office so that the correct information appears in the bulletin.



If you have youth in grades 6-12 who are not currently involved in programming, consider joining Eric, Abby and the FLCYouth! For youth in grades 6-8, we are just beginning the new year of education. Contact Eric at 317-407-3511, or for details, calendars and more!