No More We Doubt Thee?

One of my all-time favorite Easter hymns is "Thine is the Glory"   and one of my favorite phrases is "No more we doubt Thee, risen from the tomb"

Really?  In the very next Gospel reading after Easter we get reaquanted with Thomas who is, in fact, doubting.  Thomas wasn't present when Jesus first appeared to his band of brothers and was highly skeptical of the event.   "Unless I see his wounds......."    And so, Jesus shows him.

Thomas plays a huge role in the Easter story.   Thomas speaks for many of us.  

It is hard to remain faithful somedays, isn't it?   It is easy to doubt.   Faith is a spiritual gift and not everyone has been blessed with that particular gift. So many stand with Thomas and experience questions and doubts.

Remember that the resurrection isn't just an amazing, miraculous one-time event, but an invitation to an ongoing relationship.  And remember that as Lutheran Christians we are encouraged and invited to question and even doubt.

I wonder if Jesus appeared to you today, what burning question would you want to ask him?   

I'd love ot know your questions; (I'll be asking the congregation at Holy Trinity to share theirs with me) and you can tell me your burning question for Jesus at or slide a note under my door at Faith.

I won't have the answers of course, but I can promise you that no matter what our fears or doubts, God loves us, walks with us, and will never abandon us.  So as Easter people we are called to believe those things even if we doubt other things.

God bless you today and everyday,   Pastor Carolyn