The Election is Over

Whew!   What a year it's been on the politcal scene.  Since most of you know me as a peace-loving a-political presence you can imagine how I am reeling.  Add to that the fact that I was so naive I was sure the moment the election was over life would get back to "normal."  Not so much.

The fact is, no matter what "side" you were on, or even if you were firmly on the fence, the past several months have turned our lives upside down or at th very least given us much to think about.

I have four adult children and they and their spouses are all over the politial spectrum (including a Libertarian or two)   Mostly we agree not to argue about this stuff and that our relationship as family is more important than our politcal views.  Mostly.

But still I struggle.  How much should a pastor say?  How can I give this to God?   What would my mom say?  (This is always where I go when I need wisdome.)

My mom would say, "we've had divisive elections before, we've had some presidents that were better than others.  This is the Uniited States and we'll survive. " 

So in my struggles I turn to Jesus.  Jesus was a loving sort who cared for all and preached inclusion and God's grace to everyone.  Jesus probably would not have won any elections this year!

And I think about Psalm 98 "Sing to the Lord a New Song" because God is still good, God is still with us, God will not abandon us.  God deserves our praise no matter what.

I offer respect and hope for the new candidate elect.  I agree with President Obama that if he succeeds so does the country. I pray for the deep divisions and pain, the sharp side-taking to calm to a more central place and space.  I believe that God cares for and loves us all and we need to reflect that love in the world no matter what!