what a surprise

Life has often changed in an instant.   Most recently (this week) my nephew and his wife were traveling home from Cancun when he fell and broke his femur in four places.  It's a long story that involves hospitals/surgery out of country and today will be a long day as they fly back to Columbus only two days post op.

Jason's life will be changed for quite some time and it brings home yet again how very fragile and surprising life can be.

Because it is just a few days before Christmas I am thinking about how Mary and Josephs life changed in an instant.  There were several changes along the way of course, but every first-time parent can tell you that having a baby changes life forever.

Whether your life is full of happy surprises or challenging news this season, I remind you that God (Emmanuel) is with you every moment. 

Christ the Lord was born for you!  Merry Christmas