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Faith Lutheran Church Book Club

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Meetings in Choir Room at both 2 and 7:00 pm 


Michael Crichton's State of Fear


April 16, 2019


1. Crichton’s primary target is the “theory” of global warming.  What is his point of view?  What backup does he provide?


2. Among the “baddies” in State of Fear is the character Nicholas Drake.  What are Drake’s beliefs and his actions that put him in Crichton’s “bad” category?


3. Opposite Drake is John Kenner.  Who is he?  What are his beliefs?  What actions do we see him doing?


4. The story itself bounces around for several chapters before it finally settles on Peter Evans who rises as the central character.  Is he a relatable character?  


5. Other roles are played by George Morton, Ted Bradley, the Environmental Liberation Front (ELF), NERF, John Kenner,  Sarah Jones.  What do these contribute to the overall plot? Are the characters well developed? Is there a gender bias?


6. State of Fear covers a large span of the globe.  Name some of the locations and the actions that take place in these locations.  


7.  Recall the conclusion of the story.  How do you react to it?  Is it a satisfactory ending to an exceptionally long book, in your opinion? Too predictable? 


8.  In the author’s message is a discussion of eugenics. What is Crichton’s point?  What is your reaction to this comparison? P