Stephen Ministry

Faith Lutheran Church is now a "Stephen Ministry" congregation. That means we will be training people in Christian care giving using the Stephen System.

Eventually we will have a commissioned staff of volunteer Stephen Ministers who will be available to care for one individual in time of need.

People who might want a Stephen Minister include those who:

  • Are going through a chronic illness,
  • Are having relational difficulties,
  • Have experienced job loss or relocation,
  • Are elderly and lonely,
  • Have experienced death of a loved one,
  • Have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

There are many other circumstances as well as the ones listed above.

Here are the top seven questions people ask about Stephen Ministry:

  1. What do Stephen Ministers do? - Stephen Ministers are trained to respond to people in need with love and compassion. They listen to and pray with their care receiver.
  2. What's it like to receive care from a Stephen Minister? - Each situation is different. Your Stephen Minister will call you on the phone and set up a time to meet. They will meet you 2 - 4 times a month for about an hour each visit. Stephen ministers are not counselors or people to provide transportation or run errands (although on rare occasions that might happen)
  3. How do you know if a person would benefit from having a Stephen Minister? - Most people who are going through any difficult time in life and who do not need professional help (doctor, counselor, therapist) would most likely benefit from a relationship with a Stephen Minister.
  4. If someone would like to receive Stephen Ministry, whom should he or she tell and what will happen? - To refer yourself or someone else to our Stephen Ministry program, simply call the church office and ask for Carolyn OR email Carolyn at Please realize that this is a new ministry for our congregation. We expect to have a team of Stephen Ministers trained and ready to go early in 2008.
  5. Do Stephen Ministers maintain confidentiality? - Confidentiality is such an important value to Stephen Ministry that it is one of the few reasons a person might be removed from the program! Confidentiality must be maintained.
  6. What qualification would I need to be a Stephen Minister? - Stephen Ministers must go through 50 hours of training. At Faith, we will be conducting the training in a variety of ways over the next year. If you are at all interested, please contact Carolyn for more information.
  7. How does Stephen Ministry benefit our congregation? - Congregational members who train to become Stephen Ministers will discover that their own spiritual walk will deepen as they learn to provide listening and compassion in a Christian, non-judgmental way. The congregation members who are care receivers will be cared for on a regular basis. Stephen Ministry can also become part of our outreach if we provide care giving to members of the community.

The Stephen Ministry program fits beautifully with the mission, vision, and values at FLC, and this is an exciting new endeavor. Please pray for God to call people to become Stephen Ministers and for Him to bless this new venture.