Are You Prepared?

 Every year at some point during Advent I take the word Prepare and give new meanings to each letter.

This year was no different, so in the Advent sermon when John exhorts us to prepare the way, that's what I did.

How do YOU prepare?    How do you prepare for Christmas, for challenges, for the coming Christ-child?

While my ideas aren't new, maybe remembering them will help with your own holiday prparations both of home and of heart.


Pray - always a good first step no matter what, isn't it?   In that same sermon I invited the congregation to pray even as they went about the more "worldly" preparations....after all, God inhabits our praise and wants to be part of all facets of our lives.

Repent -  that's my nod to John the Baptist.   As you know, repent literally neans to "turn away"...anything you need to turn away from?

Energize - there are many ways to do this - -from deep breathing to brisk walks to singing silly songs

Ponder - a time of silent meditation is always helpful to me.  I love to just sit and "be".   It isn't easy, it takes practice, but telling God you are present and then being still is a great time to ponder.

Anticipate with gratitude - think about good things that are going to be happening and thank God for them.  Worry is anticipating the worst.  Try anticipating the best and see what happens!

Relationship building - love, forgive, enjoy.  Speak your love.  Expand your forgiveness.  Enjoy the amazing realization that God loves you just as you are and therefore we should love others in the same way.

Experience God everyday - I say this all the time.   Look for God everywhere and in everyone!  "God sightings" should be part of every day


I'd love to hear the ways that you prepare.   And I wish each of you a very blessed Christmas