Farewell to the Hummingbirds

Every year I can't wait for the arrival of spring and with it, my friends the hummingbirds.   Every year the very first part of May we put out the feeder filled with sugar water and patiently wait for the gentle whir of wings.  One memorable year, we only waited eleven minutes!  Most years, though, my patience is tested and I need to wait a day or two.  

My husband, Kurt, usually sees one first since he's home mre during the day.   But I so enjoy watching them.  Our hummingbirds are not good neighbors, though.  Our feeder has many perches but they refuse to share!   I see photos on FaceBook of 4, 5, or 6 hummingbirds at the same feeder and am in awe.  Ours eat one at a time and seem to enjoy chasing each other away.

Usually we take our feeder down about Labor Day but Kurt did some research this year and found out that in northeastern Ohio we shoukd leave feeders us until the first frost.  Apparently migrating hummingbirds passing through often stop off for some food.  We managed to leave ours up until yesterday.  No frost at all, still almost 90 degrees, but the bees were taking over, the food got cloudy, and we decided enough!

And so, our feeder has been washed and put away, and I look longingly out the sunroom window wondering what events, small and life-changing will happen before I see hummingbirds again.