Goodbye to StarShine

 On October 2, 2013 we began a new ministry at Faith. StarShine: Celebrating God's Special Stars.  It was intended for adults with intellectual challenges and for families that had special needs children.   So many hours and prayers and so much planning was part of the initial event and it went off well.  StarShine attracted over 20 members of Faith who came to help.   Our first few weeks so a dozen or so guests from various group homes as well as two area families with special need's kids.

The group homes quickly decided, though, that Faith, Fairlawn was too long a drive.  The nunbers dwindled but because we had a faithful few and because we had a wonderful core of volunteers StarShine continued.    It's been a year and primarily we have stayed in existance for one family so we have made the difficult decision to end our present StarShine format this Wednesday, September 17.

We will go out with a bang!  (Or should I say with a shimmer?) there will be pizza, cake, and fun.  Our terrific volunteers have been invited so that we can say thanks. 

StarShine was NOT a failure!  The family that faithfully came has a transformed life.  Their child has grown and developed and this summer was able to "mainstream" into our VBS without a problem!  In addition, this family was inspired to start a respite program at their church for families with special need's kids.  They are serving 6-8 families and have over 40 volunteers helping one Friday night per month with their new ministry "ReCharge".  So the STarShine legacy grows and glows!

AFter the holidays we hope to bring StarShine back in a new format.  Perhaps we will go on the road and travel to some of the larger group homes.  Maybe we'll offer Friday night or Saturday morning respite.  We don't know what God has in store, but we're praying and invite your prayers, too.

So was StarShine a failure?   As I said before, we think NOT!   This is called Failing upward....the ripples of StarShine will continue.   For those of you, liike me, who have supported StarShine, it has enrihed our lives and we'll never forget it, or the people we served and came to love.