Got Lent?

Naturally it IS Lent.  That wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful time of the church year where we are encouraged to draw near to God and prepare ourselves for the miracle of the resurrection.  But being in Lent and actually embracing the concept are two different things.

A quick review:  Lenten disciplines include (but are not limited to ) additional prayer, times of meditation, fasting (from a certain food or from something such as gossip) and giving to the poor or almsgiving.   We encourage each other to read devotionals, attend mid-week worship and meals, and in general become a little more conscious of all that God has done for us.

Lenten disciplines are not in place to punish us, but rather to strengthen us so that we are prepared for whatever life brings.  Last week the Gospel of Mark reminded us of Jesus's time in the wilderness.  The fact is, though, that we all have wilderness times in our lives, don't we?  Practicing our faith in specific ways simply make those times a bit easier.

So, how are you doing?   Have you carved out a bit of time to spend in prayer, scripture reading, or meditation?  Do you plan to do something "extra" during Lent like visiting a nursing home or sending letters to lonely people?

I'd love to hear what you do in the season of Lent to deepen your spiritual walk..  There are no right or wrong answers.   Just drop me a quick email at or call me at 330-836-8811. 

Until we chat again......   Pastor Carolyn