It's Been Awhile

 Finally!  I am back "on line" and able to update my blog.   This "glitch" had absolutely nothing to do with our wonderful web masters or newer technology and everything to do with me not understanding "the new way"

It made me ponder how those earliest followers of Jesus must have felt about the new ways of practicing their religion.  Certainly the expectations:  love your enemy, forgive those who have hurt you, give to the poor without judgement, were new ideas to many of them.   And those are still ahrd for us today, aren't they?

As I begin a new ministry at Holy Trinity, Brunswick, I am fervently praying for God's guidance and direction on how to shake things up and bring an era of "newness" to the people there who want hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)   

As I continue into year twelve at my minitry at Faith, Fairlawn, I am fervently praying for God's guidance and direction on developing new opportunities for people to deepen their walk.  I am fervantly praying for people who want to deepen their walk! 

New technology is wonderful and I confess to wondering what I would do if I didn't have a computer or iPhone or iPad....  I use technology.  But the most basic technology, talking to God in prayer, remains my primary source of inspiration and direction.

What do you think?