Just for fun

 Kurt and I are having a "gathering" tonight. (Translate party)    Why call  a party a gathering, you ask?   WELL, many years ago (maybe 18) my children had a party.   It was one of those parties that got waayyyyyy out of hand.   Tons of people no one knew,  disrespect for our home, etc etc etc 

After which I proclaimed, "no more parties"   so a year or two later, they decided to have a small gathering instead!   Since my kids were actually super good kids, they kept the next one smaller and no one infiltrated.  Still,  we've had gatherings ever since!

SO ANYWAY, tonight's gathering is about 12 people on staff at Faith.   I love to have parties and couldn't sleep last night as I went over the lists of food, rooms to be tweaked, how to keep Nora from barking obnoxiously - - - you get the picture.

Even though I love entertaining, I usually lose a night of sleep which makes me not at my best on the big day.  And, Of course, I'm working physically at Faith this morning while my brain is racing and fingers are itching to get going on party prep!

This comes down to living in the moment for me.....  I really try to live in the moment but often find myself (or at least my mind) racing ahead to the next thing.

What about you?  How are you doing at appreciating life just as you find yourself right now?  Are you making time to do something just for the fun of it?  Are you managing to be grateful no matter what life throws at you?    Let me know how you're doing!