Mom Enjoyed Life

Two weeks before mom's death I was sitting at her bedside doing sermon prep.   My fried and tired brain cannot remember the gospel passage but I do remember asking her a question.  "Mom, even as you lie here getting ready for your new life, what makes you feel alive today?"    Mom thought about it a minute (her brain remained sharp until the day before her death but words came a bit more slowly)    Finally she smiled and said, "It is the little unexpected surprises each day.  The gorgeous sunset last night,  every person who comes to visit,  the smiles of the wonderful caregivers here, oh, and that delicious pancake I ate yesterday morning.   It's the little things that make me feel alive.   I'm ready to go to heaven, but I am enjoying every minute I have left on earth."

I've thought about her statement a lot in the following weeks.   I wonder what makes you feel alive?   Most of us contemplate lots of days, weeks, months, and years to feel alive.  But how conscious are we of those small and big moments that make us feel truly alive?   Here are some of those things for me..

playing with grandkids

playing with Nora

seeing the ocean

really enjoying favorite foods

spending quiet time doing meditative art

yoga stretches

What about you?  What makes you feel alive?  Whatever it is, I hope you take time to appreciate and enjoy the gift of life every day.