My Favorite Month


It’s  almost May, my all-time favorite month.

  I am enjoying tulips, hyacinths, and lilacs.

  I am excited for the return, very soon, of hummingbirds.

  I am celebrating a risen Savior and the promise of eternal life.

  I am grateful that God allows new beginnings every day,

            and sometimes every hour.

  I am contemplating a new breath of life promised by

            the gift of Pentecost.

   I am thankful for the gift of love and a wonderful, supportive husband.

            Kurt and I have our tenth anniversary the end of May.


  Yet, in the midst of new life and spring and color I cannot forget

            the “other side”


  So I stand with Pastor Jean as she grieves the loss of her brother.

  I support my sister and brother as together we face my mother’s last days on earth.

  I pray for patience as my weary body schedules more “sleep-overs” with mom.

  I lift the congregation at St. John/St. Paul as they prepare to say goodbye to their building.

  I look for creative ways to answer the challenges life throws at people both at Faith

            and in my new congregation at Holy Trinity, Brunswick.

  I pray for the future of the ELCA, Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, and Bishop Abraham Allende.


Finally, though, I remember that it’s not about me, that God never abandons us, and certainly we are in a season of renewal and rebirth.   He is risen indeed!  Alleluia!