Return from Sabbatical

Sabbatical was an awesome experience!     Because of the tenuous situation at Zion, Canton, I was unable to do community work as I'd planned but I did spend more time there, got to know more people on a deeper level, and came up with some fun and creative ideas for the immediate future.

More importantly, I had the opportunity  to get away (nearly one day ever week) which was a time to get reaquainted with myself and the God whom I serve.  I realized that I continue to be strongly called to Word and Sacrament.  I thanked God for the open doors in the past decade or so which has made this career possible, and I enjoyed my alone time immensely.

AND I had fun!  Kurt and I had two (count them two) vacations this summer.  We spent a week at North Topsail Island, NC with all kids and grandkids.  Nineteem of us in all sharing a duplex right on the beach.  While these "family vacations" have been tense in the past this year was exceptionally peaceful and fun.  Ask me about the sea turtle hospital some day...amazing.

In July we flew to Colorado.  We spent two days with my uncle and his wife in Colorado Springs, then two days in Estes Park where I officiated at my niece's wedding, and the final two days in Denver where the wedding festivities continued at the home of another niece.  it was a wonderful time; picture me doing Sun Salutations (as only I can manage) outdoors while looking at the Rocky Mountains.   I discovered that I can connect with God almost as well in the mountains as I can at the ocean!

When we returned, I asked myself what I still wanted to do or learn while on sabbatical.  The answers came quickly and easily:  take a meditative art class, take some dance lessons, and learn more about storytelling.     I have had two classes in Zen tangle, learned a great deal more about storytelling (and will attend a big storytelling event in September) and, while I haven't yet had a dance class.....I will soon!

So all in all, a great balance of spirituality, work, and fun.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for making this possible.

I return to Faith renewed, refreshed and rarin' to Go!