Some Days are Easier than Others

 Pastor Jean is on vacation and so for the next two weeks I have the privilege of doing pastoral care which means hospital visits, a wedding, and if the occasion arises, a funeral.   I enjoy the pastoral care end of my calling and so this is never an issue but today was a difficult day.

I went to visit an 8 month old girl in Akron Children's Hospital.  She is a relative of some folks in my congregation at Holy Trinity, Brunswick.  Six days ago she was so severely shaken that she was unresponsive for several hours.  You may have read about this incident in the newspapers.  Little by little she is improving but it will most likely be years before the extent of the brain damage is evident.  I was so sad when I left.   But so thankful I could provide a word of prayer and in that prayer a word of hope.

Some of you will wonder why God would let that happen.  Many of you know my answer:  God is not in this terrible thing.   God has given us free will and God will not abandon that baby or her mommy, but we cannot blame God.   Life is messy, that's for sure. 

Pray for our children.  So many of them face drug addicted parents or relatives, or people with anger issues, or molesters.   Children are the innocents and those of us who care for people do as much as is in our power to keep them safe.

Both of the churches I serve, Faith and Holy Trinity, are in the process of adopting policies to protect our children and youth.  It has been a long arduous task but is one way (in addition to prayer)  that we can try to protect our little ones.

So that's what I'm thinking about on a coolish day in August.

God bless you and keep you,

Pastor Care