'Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving

And firm in my mind

I was trying to be happy and peaceful and kind.

Still, there's so much to do; things to clean and to cook

no time for a prayer or to read a good book.

But in the midst of my busyness what should appear?

A thought to remember to be thankful this year.

My year has been filled with blessings galore,

also stressful times, sad times, and to work more and more.

I am thankful for all of it-both good and both bad

It helps me remember to lean on God when I'm sad.

The joys - all those grandkids now numbering ten

And Kurt, and our dog Nora (who misbehaves now and then)

The challenges numbered a few, that's for sure

Caring for mom when my skills there were poor

Mom going to heaven was a blessing and sadness

But knowing she's better fills my heart with great gladness.

So I give thanks to God for holding  me near;

for having my back - for a wonderful year

And my wish is that you will feel thankfullness too

And add a time to be grateful in all that you do.