workers in the vineyard

 So here we are, still in parables about vineyards.   I like a good glass of wine as well as the next guy (especially sparkly and white)   but phew!   So many parables, so many lessons, so little time.

One of my major take aways from these parables is that we are all workers in the vineyard.   The vineyard, of course, is God's world...God's creation, and we are all part of it and all have roles to play.   In Pastor Jean's class yesterday she talked about how we each have a minsitry every day in various places.  We were encouraged to name some of our ministry sites.   The list was long and varied.  WE realized that we ministered in our famlies, for our parents, in the workplace, in the grocery store.   And ministry didn't mean "preaching" but for the most part "serving."

The parables of the vineyard are all about fairness and justice and most importantly, God's amazing love for us.  God's kingdom is upside down and inside out.  The first arelast and thelast first.

Sometimes we say no to God but then change our minds.  Sometimes we say yes but then change our minds.  Some days we don things we wish we hadn't done.     But God loves us despite this tendancy we have to be inconsistent and there is plenty of love to go around.  So uncork that bottle and share the love!