Faith Garden Provides 1,300 lb of Fresh Produce

Nov 07, 2019

Open M recieved 1, 300 pounds of fresh produce from the Faith Community Garden!

The growing season for the Faith Community Garden has come to an end for another year.  We welcomed a new gardener this year – Nicole Vincent, and she had the help of her husband Brian and daughters Elyse and Juliana.

The season got off to a wet, rainy start which delayed planting and plant growth. Most planting was able to be done by early June. The usual veggies were planted – tomatoes, potatoes, squash, beans, peas, beets, carrots and various greens.  We had a lot of challenges including hard soil, beetles, disease and even a few visits by deer. With all that, we were still able to donate more than 1300 pounds of fresh produce to OPEN M!  That is a blessing.

In the past our community gardens have remained bare during the off season, this year you will notice plants growing during the winter months.  Because of the issues we experienced this season, the gardeners decided to try growing a “cover crop” over the fall and winter. We have been able to get the gardens tilled (thanks to Brian), and we have planted rye and hairy vetch as the cover crop. Come spring these will be cut down and then tilled into the soil. We are hoping this will address some of our issues for next season by adding nutrients and loosening the soil.  So the 2020 season has already begun!  Please contact Deb Allen with any questions.