September Changemaker Awards

Sep 08, 2019

We recognized three faith members this past Sunday (September 8, 2019) on the ELCA Day of Service as our September Changemakers!

Deb Allen for her work in the Faith Lutheran community garden, as well as many other ministries.
Polly Dobkin for her amazing servant’s heart and being a part of just about every Outreach event we participate in.
Lastly, ten-year-old Noah Kerr was our third to be honored.  Noah participates every month at Holy Trinity-DLM Food Bank and has traveled to Caldwell, Ohio for the past two years; making him the youngest member of the Outreach family here at Faith. Pastor Jean also presented Noah with a new bible as well which Noah has not let out of his sight since Sunday!

Each Changemaker received the prestigious stainless steel Outreach coffee mug.

Do you want to nominate someone for the Changemaker Award?  Would you like to earn a Changemaker Award?  Contact Rob Kerr for details on the Award and the variety of ways you can serve and be a Changemaker!