Faith continues to serve at DLM

Mar 19, 2020

Dear Faith Family,

I know many of you have been waiting patiently to hear about the status of our service with DLM on Saturday, March 28 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Akron. This morning I spoke with Darlene Anderson, DLM Director of Operations, regarding a possible game plan to go forward with our beloved service at DLM Food and Resources. Nothing has been decided for certain at this time, but we believe we have a model in place that would allow us to carry out our mission on the 28th.

Our plan is to have a small team (under 10 of course) meet at Holy Trinity Church next Thursday or Friday (TBD). Our purpose on this day will be to fill boxes with groceries and personal items for a drive-thru pickup line on Saturday the 28th of March. Clients would remain in their vehicles while a volunteer loaded their blessings in the trunk. This should mitigate the six feet of social distancing that has been suggested. With this said, we would also need a small team to volunteer at the drive-thru grocery event on our actual day of service (most likely during our regular hours of 11 AM to 1 PM).

I believe that our volunteers should make decisions to participate in functions such as this based on what is best for you, personally and under the guidelines set forth by the experts. There was never any judgement before as to what each of us was able or unable to do and there, certainly, will be no judgement now. As many of us are, I am working from home now; please feel free to reach me at I am very proud of our Faith Family for handling these difficult times with such an encouraging example of community to all. I pray for this family to remain healthy, positive and loving one another as God so loved us. 

Rob Kerr, Outreach Ministry Director