Third Thursday Bible Study for Women Resumes

Oct 23, 2020

Third Thursday Bible Study for Women

After a Coronavirus hiatus early in 2020, the Third Thursday Bible Study ladies began meeting outdoors during the past summer months.  Now that the weather is getting chilly, Zoom will be the means of communication for future discussions.  

Whether you have attended Third Thursday Bible Study regularly or would like to join in discussion as a first timer, you are invited to attend the meeting via Zoom.  You need only to have Zoom installed on your device to join the discussion.  If interested you will be sent a Zoom invitation closer to the date of the meeting as long as you send an email indicating your interest in joining the discussion to  However, if you participate regularly in Third Thursday Bible Study, you will automatically be sent a Zoom invitation; there is no need to send an email.  

The date of our November Third Thursday Bible Study will be Thursday, November 19, at 10:00 am.  In preparation of our November discussion, enjoy Rob Bell's message in the video entitled Today.   A link is provided below;