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The Week of February 26, 2024
Health Concerns:
(2-12) For Faith member Pastor Tim Keeler who is beginning a new treatment for multiple myeloma, that he may be strengthened, and for Martha as she provides support.  
(2-15) For all residents of assisted living facilities or nursing homes, that they are surrounded by God’s peace and their needs are met, especially Faith members Marian, Liane, Donna, Shirley, JoAnn, Martha and Ann.
(2-15) For Faith member Terry Vernon who is being treated for cancer, and is recovering at home following a recent hospitalization, that he may be strengthened, and for Judy as she provides support.
(2-19) For Faith member Donna Manning who is hospitalized and has had/will have multiple surgeries for an injury sustained in a fall, that she may be strengthened.
(2-22) For Faith member David Sweval who is being treated for cancer, that he may be strengthened, and for Fedearia she provides support.
(2-25) For Tommy Gorman, spouse of Faith member Bev Gorman, who is being treated for cancer, that he may be strengthened, and for Bev as she provides support. 
(2-26) For Keith Nosel, husband of Faith staff member, Annette Nosel, as he faces heart bypass surgery, that they both may be strengthened. (Keith has been assisting Annette with set-ups at the church.)

Special Prayers:

(2-12) As the Season of Lent begins, that through repentance and forgiveness we may draw closer to God and one another.

In Times of Loss:

(2-16) For Faith members David and Fedearia Sweval, and family, upon the unexpected death of Fedearia’s sister, Freda, that they may be strengthened and comforted.

(2-19) For the family and friends of Faith member Sally Hauth upon her death on February 18, especially her son Nick, that they may be comforted. A Memorial Service for Sally will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 9 at the church, followed by interment in Faith’s Memorial Courtyard.

With Thanksgiving:

(2-12) For the Interfaith Justice Alliance and the congregations of Faith Lutheran, New Hope Baptist, Prince of Peace Baptist, St. Hilary Catholic and Temple Israel, as they come together on five Wednesdays in February and March, that relationships may be strengthened, and that all may grow in their commitment to justice.

QR Code Prayer Requests:

(2-1) For Holly, that she may be strengthened, guided and comforted.

(2-5) For Cynthia, that she may experience good health/restored health.

(2-6) For Larry and his family, that they may experience good health/restored health.

(2-7) For Chris, for strength, guidance, perseverance and comfort.

(2-26) For Chris, for good health/restored health.