Standing Against “the World”

May 12, 2024
On Tuesday evening I had the privilege of participating in the 36th Annual Akron-Summit Holocaust Commemoration during which area middle and high school youth received awards for...

No Limits to the Reach of God’s Grace

Apr 28, 2024
On the Sundays after Easter, the first lesson is not from the Old Testament, as is usually the case, but from the book titled “The Acts of the Apostles”, or Acts, in which the story of...

The All-In Shepherd

Apr 21, 2024
Many of you of you can recite Psalm 23, either having learned it in childhood or having heard it often, especially at funerals.

The Reality of an Eclipse … and Jesus

Apr 14, 2024
It’s one thing to hear about a full solar eclipse, it’s another thing to experience it, wouldn’t you agree?

Resurrection Freedom … from Fear

Apr 07, 2024
He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

Far Beyond Our Expectations

Mar 24, 2024
It’s always interesting to be corrected by a preschooler.

The New, Old Covenant of Grace

Mar 17, 2024
Today our focus is on what I’m going to call the new, old covenant.

Unlikely Instruments of God’s Grace

Mar 10, 2024
As our study of covenants, or promises, made between God and people in the Old Testament readings continues, we shake our heads at what I affectionately call the “snake on a pole”...