Over Sixty Years of Ministry

Faith Lutheran Church was founded in 1954 as the Fairlawn Lutheran Mission. The first worship service was on October 10, 1954 and the congregation was officially organized in September, 1955.

A Setting For Ministry ... Milestone Events

The congregation's first property purchase was a parsonage, in 1956.  The first unit of the building at 2726 W. Market Street in Fairlawn, which is now the Fellowship Hall and kitchen, was completed in 1960;  the second education unit in 1963 and the third unit comprising the sanctuary in 1969. 

Remodeling of the Fellowship Hall and kitchen area was completed in 1997. In that same year a contemporary service was begun. The 2B Transformed Building Project which added a Welcome Center, Kichenette, Restrooms and Youth Ministry Area was completed in 2014 and dedicated in 2015. That same year (2014) there were major projects to rennovate and enhance the Schantz Pipe organ, and add techonolgy upgrades to the Fellowship Hall.

Furthering Faith Lutheran Church's mission "to go to all people and make them disciples of Jesus Christ"

In 2015 Faith Lutheran Church and St. John/St. Paul Lutheran Church, 282 W. Bowery St. in Akron, combined their ministries. The final worship service at the SJ/SP location was on July 12, 2015. The St. John/St. Paul Endowment Fund will be a resource for outreach ministry within the congregation, and beyond, thus continuing the SJ/SP legacy.

So Much More 

Pages could be written about the people and ministries of Faith Lutheran Church since 1955; each decade brought new vision, challenges and reasons to celebrate. We rejoice that God's power and presence has been, and is, present always!

What We Believe