Easter Sunday Worship

Sunday, April 4 at 10 am

Today we celebrate Easter!

Join us in-person or via live steam. The live stream is available on YouTube and Facebook. You can download the bulletin here.

IN-PERSON WORSHIPERS PLEASE NOTE: Due to the need for social distancing, seating in the sanctuary will be closed when the limit (approximately 100 people) is reached. The balcony will be closed, except to the Technical Team and their family members. There will be over-flow seating in the Fellowship Hall and Welcome Center where the service will be live-streamed. Masks are required in all locations. Holy Communion will be served in all locations.

WONDERING WHY?? The decision was made to hold only one service primarily due to the need to clean in-between services if two were held. Also, if two services were held, attendance at one would likely be higher than the other, and the need for over-flow seating would still exist. The Team was uncomfortable with registering worshipers ahead of time, not wanting to exclude the unregistered. It is estimated that we can seat approximately 200 people with over-flow seating in two locations, which is more than double the “pandemic average” of 60-70.