On the last Wednesday of each month volunteers from our congregation provide free laundry service at Laundry Time laundromat, 970 N. Main Street in North Hill.  This outreach ministry pays for the washer and dryer use of everyone at the laundromat and provides an opportunity for conversation with an extraordinarily diverse group of customers many of whom are from other countries. The array of languages and cultures is impressive. Our presence not only provides a needed service and a financial benefit, but it also serves as an opportunity for welcoming many refugees into our community.

Beginning January 25, 2023, a second laundromat was added to the program.  Free laundry service, also on the last Wednesday of each month, is now provided at Laundromat City, 1713 W. Exchange Street, in the Wallhaven neighborhood. 

For more information, please contact Faith's Community Outreach Coordinator, 330-836-8811/outreach@faithlutheranchurch.org.