Mitzvah Day in Akron was created by Temple Israel in 2002. It is a two-day event committed to helping different agencies in our community and collaborating with other faith-based organizations to do this work.

Each year members come together, and in just two days prepare hundreds of meals for the hungry and sort clothes for the homeless, brighten the days of children in need, visit seniors in nursing homes, provide entertainment to children and teens, paint and spruce up agencies working to serve underprivileged individuals, and clean outdoor parks in our community.

Faith has been a collaborating partner with Temple Israel for several years in Mitzvah Days.  



There are 21 projects for Mitzvah Day 2023, over the two days of June 3 and June 4.

Many from our congregation have participated in various projects in past years. This year for the first time Faith Lutheran Church will be sponsoring its own service project. The following description is now posted on Temple Israel’s Mitzvah Day website at:

Saturday, June 3, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., Loads of Faith  – Participants will provide free laundry service at Laundry Time laundromat, 970 N. Main Street in North Hill. This outreach ministry pays for the washer and dryer use of everyone at the laundromat and provides an opportunity for conversation with an extraordinarily diverse group of customers many of whom are from other countries. This project provides a needed service and a financial benefit, and it serves as an opportunity for welcoming many refugees into our community. Volunteers will be guided by a group from Faith Lutheran Church who have experience in conducting this service. Family Friendly. Volunteers Needed: 6

For information about the other 20 projects visit the website above. For information about our Loads of Faith project, please contact Dana Singer or Faith Outreach Coordinator, David Simpson,