Changemaker Award

Jul 31, 2019

On January 13th, when I kicked off our new Outreach Ministry program, I used a word to challenge and motivate us. That word was changemaker, which is defined as “one who desires change in the world, change that will help as many people as possible and by combining leadership, resources and determination makes that change happen”. I believe Jesus was/is a changemaker and I said I believe we can be one also.

Over the past several months, I have met a few changemakers in my work her at Faith. These folks are determined to help others and make a difference in our community – they put their faith into action. They inspire, support, lead and motivate.

Beginning this month, we will recognize and thank the “changemakers” who are part of our Faith Outreach team. As a token of our appreciation, these individuals will receive a Faith Outreach travel mug with the following inscription on it: Worship God. Grow in Faith. Offer Hope.

Our Changemakers for July are:

  • Steve Ringer
  • Deb Gottas
  • David Johnson
  • Melissa Johnson

Please thank each of these true changemakers for their service to us and our community.

If you would like one of these great travel mugs, then please join our Faith Outreach team, be a changemaker! Join us as we serve others and offer hope.