Church Work Day

Jun 24, 2023


  • All the sanctuary pews were swept and cleaned with Murphy’s oil soap.
  • Narthex and Foyer was cleaned.
  • All the window tracks and sills inside and out were cleaned.
  • Painting touch-up was done in the Fellowship Hall and Hallways.
  • Trash area was cleaned out.
  • First floor Preschool/Nursery was thoroughly cleaned.
  • Air filters were replaced in the preschool classrooms and offices.
  • Three hallway registers were cleaned.
So much was accomplished in a short amount of time on Saturday, June 24, thanks to the following hard workers:  The Anderson’s (Darryl, Evie, Vienne. Sandrine, Treader), Dineen Dowling, Duane and Loralee Daily, Bobbie Fitt, Katie and Sophie Gehrig, Debbie Gottas, Barb Kamp Wiland, Hannah and John Kozee, Bruce Lightle, Deb Rose, Sara Shook, Dana Singer, Curtis Thorkelson, Darlene Weaver, and  Phyllis and Jim Woodrum.  
We took a break and had a nice lunch to rest and have good fellowship time together.
In Christ’s service,
Judy Vernon, Property Team/Project Manager