February 2022 Covid-19 protocols

February 22 COVID-19 Protocols

Jan 31, 2022

The Church Council met by ZOOM on January 26 and a decision was made to change some of the protocols set in place for the month of January. Pandemic protocols being used prior to January will continue to be in place. Beginning on February 1:

  • Holy Communion will be offered during worship on the first and third Sunday at 9 a.m. worship, and every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. worship, using the socially distanced method.
  • Congregational singing will return while wearing masks. Worship leaders may sing unmasked when behind screens or when they are wearing masks and are distanced from the congregation.
  • Masks will continue to be required in the building; masks are available at all entrances; KN95 masks are recommended.
  • Social distancing between people from different households will continue; in the sanctuary, six feet of distance will be maintained in the pews. In other locations, meeting leaders are asked to set up the space so that distance is maintained.
  • Due to the necessity of removing masks, there will continue to be no Kinship Café. Also, it is requested that there be no eating or drinking in groups while meeting in the church.