Garden News

Sep 10, 2021

What a fantastic year for gardening! Our first official harvest was the week of June 20, yielding 8.68 pounds of greens.

Our first harvest of corn was August 1, yielding over 200 pounds! Half went to OPEN M and half to Haven of Rest. What a blessing to have to be able to donate so much to these organizations.

The tally for our Sunday, August 22nd harvest was 216.84 pounds.  That included

· 113. 50 pounds of tomatoes and

· 64.5 pounds of zucchini.

That gave us a grand total of 1,272.51 pounds so far this season.  We are already at more than 30% higher than all of last year. We have harvested 10 times so far this year and still going strong! We only had 10 harvests in all of 2020 - August 8th thru October 11th. Great going gardeners, harvesters and deliverers!

Debbie Gottas and Nicole Vincent