The Live Stream Team Needs Help!

Apr 08, 2021

The Live Stream Team now has a solid process in place for streaming our services, but we need some additional help. While there is a core team in place, they cannot always be there. We are looking for some people interested in helping on an as needed or a rotational basis. Training will be provided. We have a desperate need for people who are available during the week to stream events such as Memorials. The current members of the team are working full-time jobs and/or are full-time college students and streaming weekday events can be difficult to arrange. Compensation is offered at $15 an hour.

Here are the positions and the basic skills desired:

  • Live Stream Technician: Run a program called ManyCam which is used to stream to Facebook and YouTube. Knowledge of computers, Facebook and YouTube is necessary. An ability to multi-task while on a computer is important, as well as the ability to focus through various distractions. Quick decision making and basic PC troubleshooting skills are required.
  • Camera Operator: Navigate the camera to focus on the current center of activity during the service. A basic working knowledge of a digital camera is helpful.
  • Sound Operator: Ensure audio is being transmitted both online and in the sanctuary. An ear for music and the ability to distinguish voice/instrument sounds and blend them to create a pleasant balance is necessary. An ability to multi-task (listen and adjust) is also necessary. Experience with a sound mixer is a bonus.

Please reach out to Melissa Johnson at or text her at 330-962-7277 if you are interested or would like more information.