Masks, Distancing at Faith Lutheran Church Continues in June

May 19, 2021

The Church Council decided on May 17 to continue the requirement that masks be worn inside the building, including during worship, through the month of June. Social distancing in worship will also continue in June, as will socially distanced serving of communion. It was decided to be cautious while more people, especially youth, are being vaccinated and to monitor the result of lessened mask-wearing in the community.

Due to the mask requirement, no food or beverages will be served in-between the services in June, although worshippers are encouraged to interact with one another in the Welcome Center, Courtyard or outside.

One significant change is that the limitations on group size were lifted. Both church and community groups may meet in the church and make decisions for their group about social distancing. However, masks will be required inside of the building.

The Council will make decisions at its June 21 meeting concerning these matters for the remainder of the summer