New Ministry with Family Promise of Summit County

Feb 19, 2021

We have a new partnership with Family Promise of Summit County, at their newly renovated Glendora House on Copley Road in Akron.


We were accustomed to feeding our clients, as part of the volunteer service, during our last rotation with Family Promise. All organizations who are currently partnered with Family Promise (roughly 10 congregations at the current time), committed to collecting and storing nonperishable food items at our churches in support of the Glendora House Pantry. We will be responsible for keeping five items, stocked in my office at Faith, ready to be delivered for restocking, as needed, at the Glendora Nonperishable Pantry. Guests can visit this pantry and choose which items suit their family needs; this is meant to supplement food stamps, not feed our clients. We found this is an important skill for the clients to learn and adopt during their stay; this pantry will assure no one goes hungry while staying at the Glendora.


What will we be providing? The Glendora House can house up to 10 families at a time. The schedule below will be “monthly”… each month we hope to donate, a minimum of $84 in condiments to keep the pantry stocked for Family Promise of Summit County. Our new formula is based on this knowledge and makes it pretty easy for Faith members who want to be part of donating these Blessings. Folks are welcome to shop wherever they are most comfortable, please just try to stick to the costs provided, as to maintain equity among the guests. If folks would like to make online purchases, they can have it shipped directly to Faith Lutheran c/o Outreach Director.



Please help Family Promise of Summit County keep their Nonperishable Food Pantry stocked in 2021
These in-kind donations will benefit guests staying at the Glendora House in Copley.
Faith Lutheran Church will collect the following items:

(Please try to stay close to the prices, based on Walmart/Amazon, listed below to maintain equity among guests.)

Item - Lent & Holy Week Goal - Suggested Spending

Mayonnaise - 20 - $2.36

Dressing (Ranch & Italian) - 20 - $.92

Mustard - 20 - $1.38

Ketchup - 20 - $1.00

Hot Sauce - 20 - $2.74

Download the list here.

Please drop off your donations in the Narthex laundry bin and/or the brown bin above the coat racks in our Fellowship Hallway - both marked “Family Promise Donations.”