Ohio Mission Trip July 16 - 22

Jul 29, 2023

Ohio Mission 2023!  We have done a lot of good work with just a few hands over the past few years, and we did even more good work this year with many hands. Ohio Mission year number 16 brought 16 people down to work which is more people taking part in the Ohio mission than we have had in at least the last 5 years!  What a blessing!  And there was no one under the age of 23. In fact, most of the participants were in their 60’s and 70’s! We felt a resurgence this year and it was good!

What we accomplished this year:

Built “T” a handicap ramp for his trailer home. “T” is well known in the community and famous for his chicken! “T” has 2 different types of cancer and survived a very bad work accident. His mobility is severely compromised, making a ramp necessary. “T” has a resilient spirit and a great sense of humor, and we were privileged to help him out this year. 

Helped our Mt. Zion Lutheran family with reclaiming some landscaping and replacing a leaky kitchen faucet. Mt. Zion in Pleasant City has been our Ohio Mission home base for several years and it was wonderful to be able to lend them a helping hand.

 A few years ago, we built a walkway to assist “D” in being able to get in and out of the house safely. This year, due to declining health and mobility “D’s” yard was overgrown. In addition, a large tree had fallen in the backyard. Someone was hired to cut it up and remove it, but sadly they never returned to complete the job. We were able to get most of the tree cut up, provide them with firewood and reclaim much of the backyard.

 “W” is someone we have visited several times over the last 16 years. “W” has a house and lawn that she, unfortunately, cannot maintain on her own. She relies on the kindness of neighbors, her family and mission groups to keep her lawn mowed and the weeds under control. Is it somewhat disheartening knowing that the work we did is unlikely to be maintained and next year we will find the same, or worse, conditions? Yes. However, “W” was so happy just to have us there and to have someone to talk to and to have her small flower garden reclaimed if even for a short amount of time.

 A portion of “C’s” deck was stained. Thanks to Mother Nature and the rain we were only able to stain about a 1/3 of the deck. But regardless, she was very thankful for our help even though we could not complete the job. And we got to spend a lovely evening having dinner and fellowship with “C” on Friday and hope to see her again next year!

 “K” had shutters that needed painted and windows that needed washed.