Oasis is an outreach program that began at St. John/St. Paul Lutheran Church in August 2006. Oasis stands for:

Open to all
Accepting of all
Safe Haven and shelter
Instruction in the word and grace of Jesus Christ
Surrender to Christ

Oasis mission is to create an incubating space for at-risk youth and others to gain strength and take steps in their lives. Oasis fosters acceptable social behaviors and increased success in formal and personal learning through educational tutoring, spiritual mentoring, the arts, emotional and mental health support. Faith is an active partner supporting Oasis and its mission through donations of money, goods as well as volunteer time and talent.

We are always accepting the following items: Peanut butter, Jelly, Pretzels, Health Crackers, Bagged Popcorn, Chex Mix, Trail Mix, Pea Crisps, Peanuts, Rice Crisps, Banana Chips, Cheese & Crackers, Ritz Bits, Cheese Sticks, Beef Jerky, Pepperoni Sticks, Protein Bars, Fruit Roll-ups, Granola Bars, Dark Chocolate, Fruit Cups and Fresh Fruit (specifically, Apples, Clementines, Pears, Bananas, & Grapes.)  For questions about food donations please contact Carol Whidden.

A special request in July and August 2020.  Emergency Food and Toilteries for Middle School youth.  Please click here to see the requested items.

For more information on Faith’s current outreach program with Oasis please contact Rob Kerr at 330-836-8811.