Oasis stands for:

Open to all
Accepting of all
Safe Haven and shelter
Instruction in the word and grace of Jesus Christ
Surrender to Christ

Since 2005, OASIS has been reaching out to over 7,000 urban youth and young adults with the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your continued support of this important inner-city ministry.

Three of our OASIS buildings are currently being used to provide housing for urban young adults who are experiencing homelessness, economic insecurity or attending college. In partnership with Harmony House Inc., both houses adjacent to the OASIS main facility on the east side of Akron are now filled. Harmony House has plans for emergency beds for young homeless adults on the second floor. The main level of the facility has been renovated by Citizens Akron Church, located nearby on East Market Street, for an after-school program for kindergarten to middle school. Most of these children live nearby. This area is also used for Citizens' church sponsored events.

The Healing House in Cuyahoga Falls has been used to meet with OASIS youth and their families. This space became too small for worship services for all involved. Currently, services for these families are being held at Messiah Lutheran Church in South Akron. Two classrooms there are also being used for small group gatherings.

With the new outreach to elementary age students at our main facility and to the children of our OASIS families at the Healing House and Messiah, we are asking for snacks suitable for younger children. The following items can be placed in the OASIS basket in the Fellowship Hall hallway:

          Peanut Butter, Jelly, Nuts, Raisins, Fruit Cups, Applesauce, White Grape Juice, Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Sunflower Seeds, Goldfish Crackers, Cookies, Popcorn.

OASIS continues to support Mission Development in the NEO Synod through programs at:

  1. New Covenant Lutheran Church, East Cleveland
  2. Martin Lutheran Church, Youngstown
  3. DLM at Holy Trinity, Akron

For more information on Faith’s current outreach program with OASIS please contact the Church Office at 330-836-8811.