Faith Lutheran Endowment Fund

Only Faith Lutheran Church members may submit a grant request to the Faith Lutheran Church Endowment Fund for projects connected to Faith Lutheran Church.  The purpose of the Faith Lutheran Endowment Fund is to enhance the ability of Faith Lutheran Church to serve the various ministries of the congregation with a particular focus on those ministries that have an outreach purpose and are designed to serve the community apart from the general operation of the congregation.  No portion of the income generated by the Fund is used for the annual operating budget of the Church nor for capital improvements.

The Fund is administered by a committee of church members responsible for managing its investments, reviewing grant request applications for outreach projects, and obtaining approval from the Church Council to disburse the funds.

To request funds for a project, a completed grant request form must be submitted to the committee via U.S. Mail, email, or hand delivered to the church office.  For planning purposes, grant requests must be submitted according to the following schedule:

Timeframe of project for grant:                                       Submission deadline:

1st Quarter                                                                              December 1st of previous year
2nd Quarter                                                                             March 1st
3rd Quarter                                                                              June 1st
4th Quarter                                                                              September 1st
Donations to the Faith Lutheran Endowment Fund are accepted on-line via the Church’s website, via U.S. Mail, hand delivered to the church office, or depositing it in the Sunday offering plate.  Please designate the donation is for the Faith Lutheran Endowment Fund on your check’s “memo” section, on the envelope if the donation is in cash, or by selecting the Faith Endowment Fund on the website.


The Church’s address is:
Faith Lutheran Church
2726 W. Market St.
Fairlawn, OH  44333


Email completed grant requests to:


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St. John/St. Paul Endowment Fund

Enabling Faith-based organizations to share God's gifts with those in need.
Grant requests are accepted through May 1st - June 30th of each calendar year. 

SJ/SP Endowment Fund grants may be applied towards projects of any faith-based organization affiliated with the ELCA Northeastern Ohio Synod that introduce people to God's grace and to God's healing and helping presence.

In order to be eligible for SJ/SP Endowment Fund money, grant requests should fulfill one or more of the following uses:

  • Provide seed money for new outreach activities, programs, and/or ministries.
  • Support existing outreach programs which have not yet become self-supporting.
  • Support programs specifically designed to reach people who are not currently being served by the grant applicant.
  • Provide education and/or training for congregation members or staff consistent with the Endowment Fund's outreach mission.  

The SJ/SP Endowment Fund was established in 1992 to preserve and widen the ministry and outreach efforts of the former congregation of St. John/St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church.  The fund is an independent, IRS-qualified 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization which makes annual awards from the growth of its core assets, which continue to grow, with distributions in the range of $40,000 annually.

The SJ/SP Endowment Fund may be just the catalyst necessary to convert your idea into action.  

Current members of the SJ/SP Endowment Fund (available for your questions) include:  Sandy Selby, Heather Popio, Art Kaufman, John Knops, Bobbie Fitts, Pastor Jean Hansen and Linda Reyes.

To apply or for more information, please contact any Committee member, the Faith Lutheran Church office, or email Linda Reyes at

Grant application forms will be available in late April on this site.

Don’t delay-July 1st will be here before you know it.


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