Summon Out What I Shall Be

Dec 13, 2020
On this Third Sunday of Advent, for the third week in a row. We focus on the Old Testament reading. Last week we heard a word of comfort during exile. This week we hear a word of joy,...

In Exile: Here Is Your God

Dec 06, 2020
Exile; it’s a word we do not use much in 2020. Exile is prolonged, enforced stay away from one’s own community or home and way of life. Today’s first reading is set in Exile, but in...

Preparing to be Jesus in the World

Nov 29, 2020
Stay awake! Put on your mask! Stay awake! Keep your distance! Stay awake! Wash your hands! Stay awake! Stay at home! Stay awake! For you do not know when Covid 19 will come; stay awake!

Choose to Care, to Challenge and to be Challenged

Nov 22, 2020
No doubt, the Gospel lesson is familiar to many of you. I know that I’ve given multiple sermons on Matthew 25:31-46, not only on Christ the King Sunday but also for special services...

Stepping Out in Faith Leads to Grace Multiplied

Nov 18, 2020
What if I told you that today’s parable from Matthew 25 is about grace…an abundance of grace…over-flowing grace? You might respond, that is very Lutheran of you, Pastor Jean, but were...

Who Can Stand?

Nov 01, 2020
It’s All Saints’ Day – November 1 – a significant day to me because if my Mother was living, today would be her 100th birthday. Once All Saints’ Day arrives, I feel as if the journey...

October 31…Let’s Party!

Oct 25, 2020
The big October 31 observance is on Saturday! The warnings are going out from officials to be careful about gathering in large groups during this pandemic, but it is difficult not to...

Rejoice in the Lord Always! Rejoice?! #3

Oct 18, 2020
Rejoice in the Lord always! Rejoice!?! Here we are, our third and final week focused on the 4th chapter of Philippians. It is rather surprising, when you consider it, that we could...