Stepping Out in Faith Leads to Grace Multiplied

Nov 18, 2020
What if I told you that today’s parable from Matthew 25 is about grace…an abundance of grace…over-flowing grace? You might respond, that is very Lutheran of you, Pastor Jean, but were...

Who Can Stand?

Nov 01, 2020
It’s All Saints’ Day – November 1 – a significant day to me because if my Mother was living, today would be her 100th birthday. Once All Saints’ Day arrives, I feel as if the journey...

October 31…Let’s Party!

Oct 25, 2020
The big October 31 observance is on Saturday! The warnings are going out from officials to be careful about gathering in large groups during this pandemic, but it is difficult not to...

Rejoice in the Lord Always! Rejoice?! #3

Oct 18, 2020
Rejoice in the Lord always! Rejoice!?! Here we are, our third and final week focused on the 4th chapter of Philippians. It is rather surprising, when you consider it, that we could...

Give Me Some of That!

Oct 11, 2020
Rejoice in the Lord, always! Rejoice!? Here we are again focusing on the fourth chapter of Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Remember, the Philippians are a small, poor, new Christian...

Rejoice in the Lord, always! Rejoice?!?

Oct 04, 2020
Rejoice in the Lord, always. Rejoice?!? Let’s list some realities for 2020: We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that has gone on for more than six months.

What Actions Speak Louder Than Words?

Sep 27, 2020
Context Alert! Context Alert! Today’s Gospel reading will make much more sense if we put it into context. It takes place on what we would identify as the Monday of Holy Week, the last...

Whoever Said Life is Fair?

Sep 20, 2020
What great stories, don’t you think? That is until we put ourselves in Jonah’s shoes, or the place of the laborers hired first, then it’s not so great. Then, it’s just plain not fair...