Jesus Never Stops Searching, or Finding

Sep 11, 2022
I recently overheard a man who was about my age trying to explain the concept of a “Trip Tik” to his teenage granddaughter.

Living the Generous and Sacrificial Life of Jesus

Aug 28, 2022
Usually, my sermon focuses is on the Gospel lesson, but for today I found myself drawn to the reading from the New Testament book of Hebrews.

Prepare to be Unbound

Aug 21, 2022
Here we are at the end of summer, at least as far as the school year is concerned.

The Struggle of Giving the Finite Infinite Value

Jul 31, 2022
The writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us: “…sometimes one who has toiled with wisdom and knowledge and skill must leave all to be enjoyed by another who did not toil for it.”

Prayer Makes Room for the Holy Spirit

Jul 24, 2022
Our journey this Pentecost Season continues as we focus on being more devoted and less distracted disciples.

Go and Do Likewise

Jul 10, 2022
Our Pentecost Season journey toward devoted – not distracted – discipleship continues today with an oh-so-familiar story.

Being a Good Guest for the Sake of the Gospel

Jul 03, 2022
Are you settled in for the journey? Last Sunday the Gospel began by telling us that Jesus had set his face for Jerusalem. He is determined, resolute, devoted to doing God’s will, and...

Distracted or Devoted Discipleship?

Jun 26, 2022
If you have an airplane ticket to an exotic location, or have reserved a beach home, or paid the expensive fee to attend a much-anticipated sporting event or concert, then it probably...