So What?

Aug 29, 2021
The Rev. Dr. Sandy Selby Faith Lutheran Church - August 29, 2021 James 1:17-27  

Weeks of Bread, #5

Aug 22, 2021
I think we need a Soul Sensor DX-12.      A what??? I got this idea when a group from FLC went to see the musical Altar Boyz at the Porthouse Theater. The Altar Boyz, a religious "boy...

The Weeks of Bread, #4

Aug 15, 2021
Let the weeks of bread continue! It is only one more week after today, you’ll be glad to know, since Jesus’ words in John 6 are becoming more and more difficult to swallow.

Weeks of Bread, #3

Aug 08, 2021
Let the Weeks of Bread continue! Indeed, that is what is happening. Each week, the reading from John 6 gets more complicated and our ability to understand it is more challenging.

Weeks of Bread, #2

Aug 01, 2021
Let the Weeks of Bread continue! And, that they will, for three more weeks after today, as our focus on the sixth chapter of John also continues.

Weeks of Bread, #1

Jul 25, 2021
Let the “Weeks of Bread” begin! Today is the first of five, count them – five, Sundays focused on the sixth chapter of John and bread.

Whose We Are and Who We Can Be

Jul 11, 2021
Today’s reading from Ephesians 1 is a Biblical goldmine. In fact, Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones, one of Great Britain’s great 20th century preachers, once preached on it for sixth months. Can...

Astounded or Amazed?

Jul 04, 2021
The people in Jesus’ hometown were astounded at him, and Jesus was amazed at them. But…neither emotion was for positive reasons.