Psalm 63: For your steadfast love is better than life itself…

Mar 20, 2022
Sermon 3-20-22 Third Sunday in Lent Text: Psalm 63:1-8 Pastor Jean M. Hansen   

Psalm 27: “Wait for the Lord and be strong. Take heart and wait for the Lord.”

Mar 13, 2022
Welcome to week number two of our Lent focus on the Psalms. How did memorizing the Psalm verse from last week go for you? Don’t worry, I’m not going to call on anyone. For those who...

Psalm 91: Upheld by God

Mar 06, 2022
We are beginning five weeks on the Psalms; I’m unsure if I should be pleased about that or perturbed. No doubt I’ll have a better idea which one is the case in about three weeks....

A Promising Contradiction

Feb 27, 2022
Sermon 2-27-2022 The Transfiguration of our Lord Text: Luke 9:28-36 Pastor Jean M. Hansen  

Thanks for Sharing, Jesus?!

Feb 20, 2022
Tell the truth; do you ever wish, as I stand up here to preach, having read the words of Jesus, that I would say something like, “Thanks for sharing, Jesus. Amen,” and then sit down....

Definite, not Detailed, Belief

Feb 13, 2022
I’ve been watching the Olympics on and off this week, and I find it to be both exhilarating and discouraging. The athletic and artistic ability of the participants is exciting and...

Jesus: Our Guy?

Jan 30, 2022
I want to begin today with a story that may be told in Lutheran churches throughout the United States today. That’s because ELCA pastor Katie Hines-Shah shared it in a recent edition...

The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us, to Bring Good News

Jan 23, 2022
When Jesus looked out at the people gathered in his hometown synagogue, he told them exactly what kind of Messiah he would be. Whether or not they understood what he meant is next week...