The Shelter of our Good Shepherd

May 03, 2020
“Sheltering in place,” that is a common phrase now, but one that I had not heard until recently. To shelter in place, in the strictest sense, is to find a safe place and stay there...

A Journey Story Retold

Apr 26, 2020
It is still the day we call Easter Sunday in today’s Gospel lesson, and what a day it has been! In Luke’s version of that day’s events, at least five women came to the tomb where Jesus...

You Shall Not Be Overcome

Apr 19, 2020
I am blessed! That’s true for many reasons, but one of them is that I’m able to come here to the church on Sunday morning before any of our small “production” crew arrives and wander...

Earth-Shaking Good News

Apr 12, 2020
Pastor Jean Hansen's Easter Sunday Sermon Years ago, more than 10, I’d say, I told a story on Easter morning of an event that had occurred earlier that week. I don’t think I’ve retold...

“I Have Set You an Example…”

Apr 09, 2020
Pastor Jean's Maundy Thursday Sermon

All Is Not Lost!

Mar 29, 2020
Here we are, my friends, in the midst of a “Stay at Home” order by the State of Ohio. And, so, most of you are at home, while just a few of us are here. We are carefully keeping our...

How is God being Made Manifest in Extraordinary Time?

Mar 22, 2020
This week I posted an item on Facebook to add some humor to our rather bleak days. It featured a laptop computer and the message, “Reasons to worship online.”

Knowing and Being Known

Mar 15, 2020
We all have a different vision of eternity; one of mine is that it’s where we can most fully be who God created us to be. We see glimpses of that in the here and now, in our best...