Our Risen Lord Brings Life, Healing, and Hope

May 08, 2022
Our focus these three weeks since Easter has been on the story of the early church told in the book of the Bible titled, “Acts of the Apostles.” And our theme has been “roadblocks,”...

Moving Roadblocks Aside

May 01, 2022
Sermon 5-1-22 Third Sunday of Easter Text: Acts 9:1-20 Pastor Jean M. Hansen  

The Good News Lives On!

Apr 24, 2022
He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia! Here it is, the Second Sunday of Easter, and Jesus is still alive! Not only that but the Good News of the resurrection lives on, in spite of...

One Way becomes Another

Apr 17, 2022
Mary Magdalene is the ONE, she is the focus of the Easter story from the Gospel of John. Well…Jesus, is too, of course…but it is Mary Magdalene on whom the spotlight shines. Well… I...

God's Eternal Power is Love

Apr 15, 2022
"It is finished." These were Jesus' last words. One writer described them as being remakably loud for a man whose lungs were collapsing.

He Loved them to the End

Apr 14, 2022
Tonight, we heard these words describing Jesus’ last day with his disciples, “Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved to the end.” Tomorrow we will hear the haunting, “It...

“Those who Sowed in Tears, will Reap with Songs of Joy.”

Apr 03, 2022
Sermon 4-3-22 Fifth Sunday in Lent Psalm 126 Pastor Jean M. Hansen  

“Happy are they whose Transgressions are Forgiven, and whose Sin is Put Away!”

Mar 27, 2022
It’s week four of Lent, and also of our focus on the Psalms.      Did you ever consider when it was that the Book of Psalms, located in the middle of the Bible, was assembled into a...