The 10 Commandments: Coming Closer to God’s Intention

Mar 03, 2024
Are you still adjusting to the new name you chose last Sunday?

It’s All About Perspective

Feb 25, 2024
How we view a situation has to do, to a large degree, with perspective.

Unconditional and Overarching Grace

Feb 18, 2024
“The first thing Noah did was to thank God for rescuing them, just as God had promised.

Ashes: a Message of Death and Life

Feb 14, 2024
It’s an Ash Wednesday Valentine’s Day, which seems to be an oxymoron (a combining of contradictory terms) except that the word “Lent” is right there is the middled of valentine.

Reluctant Transitions

Feb 11, 2024
There is no way Peter wanted anything to do with following Jesus back down that mountain!

Being Compelled to Proclaim

Feb 04, 2024
No doubt you have heard stories that champion the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Not Satisfied Until Justice and Righteousness Flow

Jan 28, 2024
In September of 2020 Faith Lutheran Church became a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) congregation after an overwhelmingly positive congregational vote to adopt the Welcome Statement that is...

Make a Beeline to Jesus, and Be All-In for Him

Jan 21, 2024
It’s already the third Sunday in January and the third Sunday after Epiphany.