The World-Shaking Promise of Easter

Apr 09, 2023
I’ve never been in an earthquake, have you? Well…I take that back; some years ago there was a notable earthquake in Northeast Ohio.

Jesus Shook the World

Apr 02, 2023
It is that time again; the time for me to sing the “Hosanna” song from Jesus Christ Superstar in my house, my car, my office. I’ve told you about this before, I know; it’s like an...

Dry Bones Can Live!

Mar 26, 2023
As we reflect on Ezekiel today, it seems to me that the passage is not difficult to interpret or understand. Today’s Old Testament reading begins with the clear message that all is...

One for All

Mar 19, 2023
If there is one thing today’s reading needs, it is context – not only in terms of the passage itself, but also context for all the Old Testament readings have been focused on during...

Therefore, TRUST!

Mar 12, 2023
On this third week in Lent, as our focus on the Old Testament readings continue, we begin in the wilderness of Sin (Seen).

Trust God and GO!

Mar 05, 2023
During Lent, our focus is on the Old Testament readings. But, why, you may ask, when the Gospel lesson contains the compelling story of Nicodemus, the Pharisee who visited Jesus by...

The Continuing Story of a Garden and a Tree

Feb 26, 2023
The Season of Lent has arrived; and as was the case in Advent, our focus will be on the Old Testament readings with references now and then to the Epistle and Gospel for the day.

Listen to Him. Be Raised Up. Do Not Be Afraid.

Feb 19, 2023
I’ve often thought that of all the natural disasters – tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or earthquakes – the earthquake would be the worst.