The Light of Peace

Dec 04, 2022
God longs for peace for the world.

Let us Walk in the Light of the Lord

Nov 27, 2022
God longs for peace for the world.

Seeking a Larger Selfhood

Nov 20, 2022
Sometimes when I’m editing the weekly bulletin, before it’s printed, I find myself singing the hymns.

Enduring Hope

Nov 13, 2022

Because God Is, We Will Continue to Be

Nov 06, 2022
“For they no longer dared to ask him (Jesus) another question.”

By Word Alone … By Faith Alone … By Grace Alone

Oct 30, 2022
Today is Reformation Sunday.

Use your breath to exhale back to God in praise!

Oct 23, 2022
Psalm 150 was the one scripture passage Bob requested for today.

What Will Our New Names Be?

Oct 16, 2022
With whom is Jacob wrestling?