Wisdom Meets Us

Nov 13, 2023
And, now for something completely different! No, I’m not about to do a song and dance routine, which, at least in terms of the song, would certainly be different, but not particularly...

The Promise of our DNA

Nov 05, 2023
It’s a fairly common thing these days to do a DNA test in order to discover the details of one’s ancestry.

We are Free to be the Right in a World of Wrongs

Oct 29, 2023
Most of us would be quick to stay that there is a lot wrong in the world – wars in Israel and Ukraine, gun violence in the United States and our own community, costly health care,...

The Power of Rejoicing!

Oct 15, 2023
It has indeed been a challenging week as our TV screens and devices have overflowed with the terrible news of what the newspaper dubbed “the siege in Gaza”.

Giving is Good for Us!

Oct 08, 2023
Welcome to Sunday #2 of this year’s Stewardship Emphasis!

Let Your Light Shine – Let it Shine!

Oct 01, 2023
Sometimes people are nervous about a church’s stewardship emphasis, but, especially with Sarah Kaufman’s help, we have fun with stewardship.

The Challenge of Grace Upon Grace for All

Sep 24, 2023
Another Sunday, another parable.

An Easy, but Difficult, Truth

Sep 17, 2023
We who are Christians have being more like Jesus as a goal…although, there are times when we would be relieved to be let off the hook of doing so, and addressing the topic of...