Whoever Said Life is Fair?

Sep 20, 2020
What great stories, don’t you think? That is until we put ourselves in Jonah’s shoes, or the place of the laborers hired first, then it’s not so great. Then, it’s just plain not fair...

Led by Faith to Extremes

Sep 13, 2020
Why this Gospel lesson on the ELCA Day of Service? The week before last, I made a point of saying that the Epistle reading from Romans 12 was the one assigned in the lectionary for the...

Let Love Be Genuine

Aug 30, 2020
oday’s Epistle reading was unplanned. Let me explain what I mean: Romans 12:9-21 IS the assigned reading for the 13th Sunday after Pentecost, which is today. So, its use on this day...

Who Will We Trust?

Aug 23, 2020
Perhaps some of you watched the Democratic National Convention this past week and were energized. Others of you avoided it like the plague but are looking forward to the Republican...

Faith and Persistence make a Powerful Pair

Aug 16, 2020
Sermon 8-16-2020 11th Sunday after Pentecost Text: Matthew 15:21-28 Pastor Jean M. Hansen  

Push On

Aug 02, 2020
  You probably have, in your life, pushed yourself to do something even though you do not quite feel up to it. That is a common reality for parents, especially single parents, who have...

Themes Worth Remembering: Romans 8

Jul 26, 2020
You have heard me say it often; the eighth chapter of Romans is one of my favorite portions of scripture. In fact, it is so significant to me that after I last preached on it, having...

Fertilizer Happens!

Jul 12, 2020
Every summer, the lectionary (list of scriptures for each Sunday) offers a reading that invites me to talk about gardening and opens up the opportunity to mention the church’s...