The Challenge of Grace Upon Grace for All

Sep 24, 2023
Another Sunday, another parable.

An Easy, but Difficult, Truth

Sep 17, 2023
We who are Christians have being more like Jesus as a goal…although, there are times when we would be relieved to be let off the hook of doing so, and addressing the topic of...

Sing Out and then Serve!

Sep 10, 2023
Today is about serving and singing.

Glimpsing God’s Eternal Realm … Now

Sep 03, 2023
It’s good to be back, although, I am thankful for my time at the Chautauqua Institution where basked in the beautiful surroundings, attended lectures, read four books, walked 6 to 7...

Jesus is There – Here – for Us!

Aug 13, 2023
Being overwhelmed by water is a scary experience if one does not know how to swim.

The Hidden Value of God’s Kingdom

Jul 30, 2023
Picnic day has arrived!

The Surprising Harvest of Goodness

Jul 16, 2023
As least once every summer the Gospel lesson lends itself to me talking about the community garden on the other side of the parking lot. I’ve been among the gardeners for as long as...

No Burdens for the Forgiven and Free!

Jul 09, 2023
What is the heaviest thing you are carrying around today? As you trudge, or walk, or skip, or race from day to day, what burdens - physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual or...