Enduring Hope

Nov 13, 2022

Because God Is, We Will Continue to Be

Nov 06, 2022
“For they no longer dared to ask him (Jesus) another question.”

By Word Alone … By Faith Alone … By Grace Alone

Oct 30, 2022
Today is Reformation Sunday.

Use your breath to exhale back to God in praise!

Oct 23, 2022
Psalm 150 was the one scripture passage Bob requested for today.

What Will Our New Names Be?

Oct 16, 2022
With whom is Jacob wrestling?

Our Goal: to Glorify God and Enjoy God Forever

Oct 09, 2022
If I suffered with a disease that turned me into an outcast, consigning me to be considered unclean and unable to come close to “normal” people without shouting out a warning, and was...

Just Do It

Oct 03, 2022
This is the “Just Do It” passage of the Gospel of Luke. Jesus is essentially telling his disciples, “Just Do It.”

One Spirit + One Body + Many Gifts = the Common Good

Sep 25, 2022
The Faith Lutheran Church 2022 Talent Show is over, but as was promised, it will live on as an event many folks will never forget (even if they wish they could)!