Mix It Up with the World

Feb 09, 2020
Sermon 2-9-2020 Fifth Sunday after Epiphany Texts: Matthew 5:13-20; Isaiah 58:1-12 Pastor Jean M. Hansen  

Turning Points

Feb 02, 2020
Today is Groundhog Day, and this morning Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, which is bad news for Pastor Jean, who loves winter, and, I suspect, good news for many of the rest...

We Scatter the Shadows

Jan 26, 2020
Some of you may be confused…not just in general … but by today’s Gospel reading, especially if you were here last Sunday when we read in John’s Gospel how Andrew was called by Jesus to...

Don’t Know? Come and See!

Jan 19, 2020
You probably have to be of a “certain age” to know the song I’m about to quote. It was the “class song” when I graduated from high school, which I’ve always thought was somewhat silly...

Our Identity: God's Beloved Ones

Jan 12, 2020
Did you notice the baptism maps on the bulletin board next to the church nursery, across from the Meeting Room? Quite a few of you have added a pin to the maps (one for the world, and...

Love Came Down at Christmas, part 3

Jan 05, 2020
Today we celebrate the Epiphany of Our Lord, a festival of the church that actually is tomorrow, January 6. Epiphany means “the manifestation of God,”; so today we celebrate the...

Love Came Down at Christmas, Part 2

Dec 29, 2019
At least three things are odd about today’s readings. First, they are out of order; that which is described in the Gospel reading takes place after the arrival of the Magi, which will...

Love Came Down, Part 1

Dec 24, 2019
Well...that was unexpected, wasn’t it? Oh...I’m not referring to the story of Jesus’ birth I just read; you expected to hear that. What you may have never experienced is 1 Corinthians...